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IMPERIA GOLD hand-fed, available sizes:

“B” cm. 61 x 86
“C” cm. 75 x 105
“D” cm. 85 x 120
“E” cm. 100 x 140
“F” cm. 120 x 165

The models “C”, “D”, “E” and “F” are also available with the specific AUTOMATIC FEEDER/DELIVERY UNIT.


3° and 4° feed units

Lifter device for the heat plate hoisting throughlinear electro-mechanic actuators

Special side moving lay with pneumatic operation

Pneumatic device for the feedsheetsseparation of the auto feeder

Pre-load unit for feed pile, to be prepared out of machine, well alignedand ready to be loadedon the automatic feeder table

Supply of heating plate only

Dwell timer inclosing position

IMPERIA GOLD is the most suitable gold blocking machine to hot stamp and emboss cardboard sheets, for the production of luxury boxes and fine packings of quality products, cosmetics, perfumes, liqueurs, but also wishing cards, personalized "shoppers", a.s.on.

Features :

  • Platen die-cutter of strong construction in compact cast iron provided of wide ribs system; shafts, gears, driving cam and connecting rods in treated steel
  • It is tested forhighpressures andtemperatures
  • Maximum accuracy in the processingof the working tables
  • Different sizes
  • Easy operation and shortest preparation times
  • Configuration according to CE rules, with wide range of sensing safety devices, besides of side interlocked protections with the machine body, all the safety devices controlled through safety logic blocks

Hot FOIL stamping and embossing unit :

  • Special unit in the machine groove housing the foil rolls.
    The assemble enables to fit foil rolls with external diameter from 80 to 120 mm. andis composed by rails and support shafts and by 3 differentrolls holder supports.
  • Multi Zones Heating plate . The plate, the thickness of which starts from 17 mm., according to the size, is provided with:
    insulating layer, center line and a heating surface up to the bed plate size on which it is installed.

    Completely drilled with threaded holes M6 enabling the fastening of metal cliché of 7 mm .thickness, it is madebyindependent heating sections, in number of 3, 6, 8, 12 ,according to the size.
    Temperature of each section adjustablefrom by 50 to 180°, through sensing digital electronic heat detectors for thebestheatingsurfaceuniformitywithspare of energy.

    Pre-heating clock makes possible thehourly or weekly or daily planningof theplate starting.
  • °2 feedand rewinding units of the foils.
    The standard configuration is provided withn. 2 feed units
    controlling thefoils unwinding, tensioning, conveying and finally re winding. They are drivenby servo-motors for their precise, simultaneous or separate operation.
  • Planning of the feedpace .With the purpose to exploit at the most the foil roll, the pace of each feed unit is controlledby a numerical positioners system, or on request by computerised system with keyboard and video.
  • Electrical cabin with driving panel.

Imperial Gold Special
Special version of Imperia GOLD BLOCKING, comprising a smooth finished surface heat plate fitted on the bed table andafully drilled cliché holder frame, with center line, easily removable from the machine .

IMPERIA GOLD SPECIAL requires a special construction of the platen machinewith bigger distance between the working tables, making possible the housing ofthe heat plate together with the cliché holder frame.

Hot cut of plastic materials
For the hot cut Imperia is built with bigger distance between the working tables,housing the heat plate on which the operator fitsathin die cutting form, manufacturedon purpose, with special supportand knives, suitable to the heat conduction.


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The Imperia platen machine, designed to comply with the CE rules and especially with those referred to the board converting machineries, has obtained also the German Mark GS (Geprueftsicherheit).


A rapid and punctual service of assistance is offered to all the clients with the availability of specialized engineers.

Competent personnel assistance also is given on the phone, to suggest ,where possible, the controls and the necessary operations for a fast machine starting.


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