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“C” cm. 75 x 105
“D” cm. 85 x 120
“E” cm. 100 x 140
“F” cm. 120 x 165


Preload unit, enabling the arrangement out of the machine of a well aligned sheet pile, ready to be loaded on the feed table

Moving side lay, right or left side, with pneumatic operation

Pneumatic device of the feed pile to facilitate the separation of the sheets, which, because of special print treatment, are stuck together

High pile delivery station

In connection with the AUTOMATIC FEEDER/DELIVERY UNIT, the performance ofthe platen die cutteris made double withoutany preparation times increase.

The IMPERIA, with the automatic feeder/delivery unit of standard configuration, is available in the sizes :- cm. 75x105 mod. “C”, cm. 85x120 mod. “D”, cm. 100x140 mod. “E”.
Imperia F ,cm120 x 165 , can be delivered with special features auto feeder and delivery.

For the best output and the easy operation, the platen machine is provided with::

  • Static frequency converter unit for the variation of the speed from 900 to 1600 sheets/hour. The working speed regulation is carried out by the operator on the driving panel
  • Electronic plant for the automatic search of the phases or positions of synchronism enabling simple, speed and sure connection/disconnection of the feeder and adjustment of the feed and delivery arms.
    N.3 switches on the control panel make easy the selection
  • Mobile side lay

Coupling between platen and feeder is made possible through the patented auto-timing safety unit: if the connection is not correct, the machine doesn't start.

Safety system on purpose designed in order to be operative in case of running with feeder or without, when the platen is used in hand-fed version.



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The Imperia platen machine, designed to comply with the CE rules and especially with those referred to the board converting machineries, has obtained also the German Mark GS (Geprueftsicherheit).


A rapid and punctual service of assistance is offered to all the clients with the availability of specialized engineers.

Competent personnel assistance also is given on the phone, to suggest ,where possible, the controls and the necessary operations for a fast machine starting .


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