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”B” cm. 61 x 86
“C” cm. 75 x 105
“D” cm. 85 x 120
“E” cm. 100 x 140
“F” cm. 120 x 165
“G” cm. 125 x 196


Universal chase with lever, permanent type, available also in the motorized version.

Hardened and ground cutting steel plate 52 HRC

Micrometric pressure adjustment unit (for kiss-cut)

Dwell timer in closing position

Automatic feeder/delivery unit

Standard Gold Blocking unit for hot foil stamping and hot embossing

To hot cut PE and PP sheets: special construction die cutter, with bigger distance between the working tables is made. It houses the heating plate, on which a suitable thin form, of special construction, in heat conductors materials is fitted.

Main features description:

  • Self adjustable air clutch.
  • Double body electrovalve.
  • Regulation and control of the compressed air feeding. Safety Pressure switch.
  • Easy operated top control panel, swinging, with all the control sand instruments, among which:
    • warning lights monitoring the safety sensing devices and the logic blocks operation;
    • dwell timer provided with cover and key lock (safety measure);
    • selector of the working cycles, with key lock.
  • Automatic lubrication plant with timed electric pump.Buzzer warning oil topping up necessity.
  • Push button operated “JOG” pneumatic device for the manual releaseof the moving table after an emergency shutdown.
  • Safety devices on the face and on the sides of the machine body.Safety devices of the last generation are applied, with double channel, redundant, singly checked by safety logic blocks, among which:
    • safe sensing edge of moving table;
    • sensing frontal low grille with double operation, pull and push;
    • top and lateral polycarbonate frame on AL sensing support;
    • side gates and side tables, interlocked with the machine body;
    • besides guards to isolate all the parts in movement.

The Configuration of the machine respects the specifications CE and obtained the German mark GS.

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The Imperia platen machine, designed to comply with the CE rules and especially with those referred to the board converting machineries, has obtained also the German Mark GS (Geprueftsicherheit).


A rapid and punctual service of assistance is offered to all the clients with the availability of specialized engineers.

Competent personnel assistance also is given on the phone, to suggest ,where possible, the controls and the necessary operations for a fast machine starting .


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